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Motorcycle safety has been an imperative topic that most individuals don’t understand well. Curtailing the rotational and linear injuries involves a deeper understanding of the physics behind the collision. David Thom, a senior consultant at collision and injury dynamics in El Segundo, has been a sole expert in explaining motorcycle safety and product testing.

With several research findings, David Thom has successfully deduced the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet in the fight against head injuries during accident crashes. In addition, other considerations like weight should be put forth before deciding on the helmet to purchase.

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With the debut of motorcycle helmets, several modifications have been made to create better headgear that will improve safety while riding your motorcycle. Bio David Thom is a motorcycle helmet expert who tries to deduce several reports concerning safe motorcycle helmets. This article will focus more on David Thom and his findings on motorcycle headgear’s importance and risk factors.

Bio David Thom Motorcycle Helmet Expert

David Thom’s Experience

David Thom is currently a senior consultant at the collision and injury dynamics in California and is widely known for the expert testing of most motorcycle helmets. Most brands or companies producing helmets must meet specific standards before their products are released. He has tested several motorcycle helmets successfully since the year 1981.

ACT Lab LLC is a global laboratory known for quality and safety assurance in testing multiple products. David Thom has been one of the best consultants at the ACT Lab for the past two decades. He has conducted several tests with fellow professionals on the two helmet standards- DOT and Snell- and the ECE and BSI- which are the common European standards.

Additionally, David Thom worked as the general manager at the head protection research laboratory in greater Los Angeles. HPRL is one of the vital motorcycle helmet testing laboratories in Southern California that has aided in increased motorcycle safety nationally. This laboratory has been a tremendous force in creating and releasing the latest head protective gears.

Educational Background


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Academics’ qualifications have been worldwide mayhem when it comes to expertise. Some individuals give fraudulent information due to their low level of professionalism. David Thom has attained the required national academic qualifications from an accredited university in this specific field. This makes him a better expert in designing the best motorcycle helmets.

Specializing in the safety field, David Thom has attained his bachelor’s degree and master’s in safety science from the University of Southern California. This is the leading private research university in Los Angeles that has conducted multiple research projects toward improving motorcycle safety.

Additionally, David Thom possesses an Associate of arts from accredited Mount San Antonio College. These three levels of academic qualifications have been a more significant force towards his expertise in motorcycle helmets.

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The Helmet and Neck Injury research


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David Thom has been a chief consultant for getting or producing better and safer motorcycle helmets, having worked with multiple companies and research projects. Since 1981, David Thom has been testing several helmets to meet the helmet standards and improve consumer safety.

Having worked as the general manager at the head protection and research laboratory, David Thom conducted special research to determine the relationship between motorcycle helmets and neck injury. In their findings in the ‘helmet and neck injuries in fatal motorcycle crashes’ publication, some helmets can result in neck injuries due to rotational forces.

The research discovered that some helmets could cause neck injuries but are less severe than unhelmeted riders. However, specific measures like reducing the helmet’s weight should be taken to minimize the neck injuries associated with motorcycle helmets.

David Thom, in their findings, noted that weight and head coverage are vital factors that should be adjusted to minimize neck injuries following a crash.

Improving Motorcycle Safety


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Safety with the motorcycle is the most significant world concern since it’s the leading cause of most brain injuries. David Thom is a motorcycle helmet expert with the right qualifications in safety science, thus fit to provide you with the necessary information. Several research studies carried out by him have led to significant helmet modifications to improve your security on the road. David Thom is the best consultant for safety testing and designing the latest motorcycle helmets to decrease brain damage during a crash.

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